Training Programs


Elvira Systems is a licensed ARM Approved Training Center (ATC), a worldwide network of organizations licensed to provide training on ARM technologies. ARM provides training on a wide range of ARM technology topics, developed and written by the world’s most experienced ARM Technology Trainers. Elvira Systems instructors are registered and certified as ARM Approved Instructors with the ARM Training Group. 


Elvira Systems is an authorized member of Intel FPGA Training Partner Program. This program enables engineers and developers worldwide to attend instructor-led, high-quality training on Intel FPGA's products & solutions in their region. Elvira Systems experienced instructors receive regular updates from Intel to ensure you have the knowledge and the access to Intel's latest technologies.

The BBC micro:bit is a powerful handheld, fully programmable, ARM-based computer designed to encourage children to get actively involved in writing software and building new things.
Hands-on learning experience with BBC micro:bit could help children grasp the new computing curriculum in ways that other software and traditional classroom learning couldn't.
BBC micro:bit can help children develop an intuitive understanding of physical concepts in technology and computing, which helps develop complex thinking, analytical and problem-solving strategies. Early feedback from teachers has shown that it encourages independent learning, gives pupils a strong sense of achievement, and can inspire those who are not usually interested in computers to be creative with it.